Saturday, March 28, 2009

8.6 Miles of fun!

I am doing a terrible job posting...sorry.

Today was a good day, as was last night. We started the morning out oh so early to do the March for Babies. Apparently from what I've heard, March for Dimes originated in Gainesville in relations to Shands and we have the LONGEST walk in the nation at 8.6 miles. Well Phillip and Roman Noodle did the walk with me and a few of my fellow nursing students. I will post some pictures later. Roman was so funny because he walked for a bit and then he rode in his carrier, but for whatever reason, the angle his carrier was at, his little nose was smushed up to the front screen which pushed his lips up and he showed all his teeth during his was funny. The walk was great through, especially around the 5th mile where they had survivor stories on big signs with pictures, but it gets better than that, they had the families with these babies/children/teenagers there. It was a nice pick me up at the mile. Holy crap though, it was quite obvious today that I don't do enough hill training because man am I sore-my knees especially! It was totally worth it though.

Then the rest of my day was pretty boring. I had to head to PetSmart to pick up dog food from Gail and she told me that while they were unloading dogs for adoptions today her Dad fell once after shutting the back door of the van and then once right after that when they tried to help him to his seat. The medics were called and tehy said the same thing I did about orthostatic hypotension. When I got there, about 2 hours after the inital fall I took his pulse and BP and everything was fine. Hopefully orthostatic hypotension was all that it was, fingers crossed. I then got home, quickly showered and babysat for Jodi for a few hours today. I can't complain when I have no money, but man, a nap sounded so good then.

Other than today, my week went well. I passed my very last checkoff of the semester on Tuesday on wet to dry dressing changing. Woo-hoo. I skipped the last hour of lecture on Wednesday because it was awful! I had a rough day at clinicals on Thursday but solely because of doing meds with Pat. She was so slow, she does a terrible job at organizing her time so she helped the other student do med pass, and Amy was terrible. Apparently she took nearly 20 minutes to only prime a new IV line. Needless to say, my patients got their 1400 meds at 1530. I was pissed. Then Friday it honestly wasn't much better. She is slow, doesn't think as critically as most nurses. I had to give Nexium through a NG tube, I knew that I should have mixed the solution before hooking it to the NG tube, but I did it her way. Her was was to kink off the NG tube to prevent air from getting in, then she had me connect the syringe to the NG tube, then add my 15cc of water then add my nexum...well go figure, the Nexium didn't dissolve and it was a pain in the ass. I was furious. I wish we could give meds with our RNs, but I guess it is too big of a liability issue with the school's insurance. I just keep telling myself, T-minus 4 clinical days left we Pat, and I don't have anything to do besides patient care any of those days. Thank goodness.

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I intend to spend the rest of my weekend doing NOTHING which will be fabulous. I'll be better about posting next week!

:) Meg

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, you better do better at posting! I checked here 3x this week with nothing! (just kidding, you know, it's your blog, you can post at your leisure...more often)
i hope the rest of your weekend was restful indeed!

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