Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's far too hot here. It is miserably hot, we are doing nothing and still sweating. I am ready for the GVille weather, I wont be home until Monday. I think this might be the longest...no wait, December was the longest I had ever been away from my home. Well I miss my home, I miss my space.

Speaking of my space, I have decided on my spring cleaning projects. First major project that I am going to start...next Wednesday after my exam, is flip-flopping my house. I am going to move all my furniture from my study into the living room and vice versa. I think if I've watched TV in the living room a handful of times that would be a high estimate, so better use of the biggest room in the house would be to turn it into the study/dog room. I am going to move my bookcase with my books into the living room, along with my desk, the dogs crates...that might be it. Oh and I am going to get some kind of pleather couch for Super. Then...I'm going to move my couch, TV stand and TV into the study--that way it will be a little den. Also, when I have guests, which isn't very often they will have a TV in the study where they are sleeping. Oh yeah, my other spring cleaning project will be cleaning out my garage. There is a ton of crap in there and it needs to find a home.

Well today I didn't do much of anything, oh the joys of spring break. I had a doctors appointment this morning, I then played around on Blogger catching up on everyone's lives, hung out with Caity, we went to Bagel-Bagel for--you guessed it, a bagel, we then headed to BlockBuster and PetSmart. Roman needed to get his nails done today.

While hanging around at the house I got some pictures of Ms. Rummy-Bummy, a couple of her with Caity and one with her and Noody sunbathing.

Oh and here are some from our adventure to the park yesterday afternoon. We took Roman, Rummy and little pain Bella. Oh what good puppy control puppy sitting is.

Sleepy, sleepy puppies.


Becca said...

You can add cleaning and organizing my house to your list! I have no motivation!!!

I am so jealous of your photography. Seriously. Those pictures are so good!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Thanks for the nice comment ")

What wonderful pictures. The dogs are so cute. We want to get a dog this year. It will be our firts. Maybe a little yorkie since we are crazy allergy people ")

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