Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3 more days

It is almost spring break and I honestly am so excited! Today I didn't have to be in school until lab at noon, so I spent the morning cleaning out my car for the drive home. I then spent a few hours in lab learning about wound dressing changes, woundvacs, and staple removal. It was actually a fun lab. Our last check off for the semester will be in 2 weeks on wet to dry dressing changes.

After lab Meghan and I headed to Tires Plus and dropped my car off to get it's oil changed. I was about 2k miles past due and thought it would be smart to get it done before the 5 hour drive home on Friday/Saturday. While we were waiting for the car to be ready (we had a couple of hours to kill) we headed to Las Margaritas for queso and a drink...oh yeah, and to do our cancer sim lab. We got that done, enjoyed a tasty beverage and then headed to d'lites for a bit of ice cream...YUM! Needless to say, we had a yummy day.

I did a load of laundry today, which is my last load needed to get done before I can start packing tomorrow. I cleaned two dresses to take home in case we head out to a nice place. I know we have a trip to the beach on the schedule for Friday, pedicure scheduled on Thursday, a vet appointment for Rummy on Wednesday, a doctor appointment for myself on Tuesday, a dentist appointment for myself on Monday...seems like all my days are full. It should be nice though, all those are things that I think will be fun. My mom's birthday is on Saturday, which is the day I'm going to leave. I've already gotten my Mom one present, and will probably try to get her something else fun. I'm thinking about getting a couple of pictures framed of the family from this past summer with Uncle Leo and Aunt Mimi. I think she'll appreciate that.

Oh yeah, I am going to help photograph for the program called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. There is a photographer in town named Wendy who is one of the volunteers with the program and I am going to do some of her cases with her. I am very excited about getting involved with this, if you have a chance to check out the site please do.

Other than that, I am making a huge attempt to get back into photographing regularly. I desperately miss doing it, I have joined the meetup group in town. I also ran into Ray (my photo teacher from school) yesterday and he asked me if I would be willing to be a mentor for the photo club at Santa Fe and head out on the field trips, of course I said yes. I can't wait. The other day, a friend from school made mention that I do so many extracurricular activities besides school and they didn't understand how I can do that. I just reminded them that school is only 20 months of my life, I will need to have a life to reintegrate into after graduation.

I'll definitely be taking pictures over spring break and posting them up. Keep your fingers crossed for me in the OR on Friday, I'll post a bit about that this weekend.

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