Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Thursdays! was an interesting day!

I got up this morning just before 0900 and went out with my current best friend for a bit. It was a nice time for me to clear my head after last night.

After my run, I hung out in the house with Caity for a bit, I took some pictures of dear Jack Jr. He has gotten SO big.

My poor Roman Noodle was oh so sick today, poor baby. This morning after my run or during my run, Roman ate a hole in my Target bag and got into Recess Pieces. As soon as I saw it, I just thought, crap! I knew he was going to be so sick, I kind of just braced myself for it. He has thrown up probably a half dozen times today. I ended up laying a towel inside my Mom's bedroom in the back doorway with a bowl of water. He would go outside and puke, come in drink some water, lay there and then repeat. He seems to be doing much better--thank goodness. I just hate when my baby feels so poorly. Here is Nood just sitting outside being miserable today.

2 comments: said...

oh, I am so sorry. Hope he feels better very soon!

BargainFun said...

The poor puppy ! Thanks so much for participating in my pay it forward giveaway!
I didn't see an email on your profile so I thought i'd leave you a comment. I noticed Marley & Me was your favorite book too!
I work in a small library where we do community reads and John Grogan came ! So I got to meet him and get my book signed!
Anyway send me your home address so you can get your surprise !

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