Saturday, June 27, 2009

And now my birthday is over...

Today was Cooper's birthday party. If you asked him, today was his birthday, he has no idea that his birthday is actually on Tuesday. Coop had been asking for a pool party and Shelley decided that for his first real birthday party this year he'd have a pool party. There were about 15 children there, it seemed like everyone had a wonderful time. Cooper was super wired, but that was to be expected. He showed everyone his new pet tortoise which everyone was excited about, especially Jackson. Then everyone went into the pool for a little while, Jackson spent most of the time out in the side yard where the slip and slide that Cooper and I got yesterday was. He was hysterical, walking up and down the slip part and then would just lay down in the puddles. It was finally a lot of fun when someone got the idea to grabs his limbs either two arms or two legs and fling him down the slide.

We had a creepy Diego pinata, a cupcake cake, food, lots of food and was a great time. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was super freaking hot that I actually considered putting on the bathing suit that was in my car, but I resisted the temptation.

After everyone left and after we opened present, Prince Phillip took all three boys into the side yard to play with this new rocket toy; as they were walking back into the house he said to Phillip, "and now my birthday is over." There were no questions, it was just a's the end.

Here is a slew of pictures from the day, enjoy! I hope everyone had an excellent Saturday. :)

Here are some pictures from in the house with Jackson and Grandpa Bob:

Then the birthday boy himself:

The oldest, Robbie, with Cooper's new present:

Then the little man on the slip and slide (see, grabbing two limbs really did work!):

This is Jackson trying to catch the water in his mouth:

Here is the bucket that was put out for people to dip there feet in so they didn't track dirt in (this bucket probably held Jackson's attention the longest out of anything today):

And of course, cake time! Cooper picked out a Dora and Diego cake, he made sure to tell the bakery lady that this cake should have two toys on it (he was more excited about the stupid cake toys then he was birthday presents):


Brooke said...

creepy Diego piƱata! HAHA! I want to slip n slide!! :)

allison said...

I'm loving the last pic with the cake all over the face!
Is that your nephew? I remember the slip and slide. That was fantastic!!

vera said...

How fun!! Ha ha ha "creepy Diego pinata" - I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! Thanks for the prayers ♥ said...

now that is some serious fun. makes me want to go buy a slip n slide for myself! Ha!

And I NEED a cupcake after seeing that awesome creation.

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your new blog look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

Great pictures! Slip and slides are popular this week. The last three blogs I've been on have had slip and slide pictures! :)

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