Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a Dog's life

Today I sent 45 pictures of Roman Noodle to be printed. I am going to do an 8x8 scrapbook of him. My scrapbook that had probably close to 60 pages in it disappeared in 2006. I was crushed...I haven't scrapbooked since. I'm ready to start again, and I figured his book is a good one to start with. I am going to do an 8x8 of him, an 8x8 of Super, an 8x8 of my NYC trip...etc. We'll see, starting with someone so freaking cute would be good motivation. I'll take pictures of the pages as I go, I wont be starting until after my test next Monday.

I had my first nursing home visit today, ick. I obviously can't say anything specific about my patient, but just shoot me before I have to end up in a place like that. It isn't a beautiful assistive living facility, it's a stinky nursing home...yuck!

I went to pick up Jodi's kids and then worked on my nursing home paper there, I already have 7 pages of it written, not too bad. I probably have 2 or 3 more pages to write and then my NPR to attach of diversional activity deficit...woo-hoo!

Tomorrow I'm done after the nursing home and will head home and work on note cards, then on Thursday I'll finish up my paper, I need to divide my time efficiently.

Well all my beautiful babies are in bed with me and I think they need me to leave for some cuddle time. :) Love cuddle time!


Annie said...

ooooohhhhh, how I LOVE scrapbooking! I'm almost finished with my book on my baby Gus!

You will have to post pics once you get started! I think it's the best but most time consuming hobby, at least for me ;) I don't usually do much of it in the summer, it's my winter thing.

Sorry to hear about your stinky nursing home visit, I hope the time there goes quick!

Anonymous said...

Now I see what Nood is short for haha! Paris said hey back! Hope your nursing home times flies by quickly!

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