Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordy Wednesday!

Tomorrow is the last day of clinicals. Woo-hoo. Today was ok in the hospital, a bit boring, but fine. I had three patients, two of which were in aflutter and one who was recovering from a MI that happened on Sunday. I basically laughed and joked with the floor nurses today. That was nice!

Tomorrow I'll be going with one of my patients down to a cardioversion and a transesophogeal echo. Basically (he is one of the patients who is in aflutter) they will take him downstairs, shove a probe down his throat and look at his heart in I believe it is 2D though it may be 3D. Once they are in there looking at it they will shock his heart in hopes of converting his rhythm into sinus. I'm excited. We'll see. I also have to pick up 32 bagels tomorrow morning for the nursing staff. I am really hoping some of the other students give me some money since one person is making muffins, another bringing cream cheese, another bring OJ, well 32 bagels will cost me just over $25 with tax...everyone chipping in a bit would be nice.

Other than that, today I went and picked up to chairs for my living room! I had for the longest time decided that I would not go all out decorating because I knew I wouldn't stay here forever. I changed that when Phillip made it clear the other day that the house we move into in Orlando most likely will only be our home for a few years. That is a bit hard for me since my parents bought the home they lived in 21 years ago, that is where I grew up, Caity was brought home from the hospital in, I love that me that's a home. Phillip has moved here there and everywhere throughout his life and to him that is normal. He made a point to remind me that his job is never a guarantee and if we have to move we have to me. With that being said, I am going to move into my home whatever home it is, for whatever length of time I'm projected to be there, like it'll be my home forever. :)

Here are the pictures of the new chairs in my living room.

The darker images are more a true ideas of the color of everything. The last one was just lighted up a bit.

:) Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

3 comments: said...

oooh i do like the new chairs.

Home... I lived in the same home for the first 20 years of my life. It was strange when my parents moved away...

But you know, I have learned that I can be at home anywhere that I have LOVE...

I hope you will always feel a true sense of "home" where ever you live!

Good luck on wards tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

WooHoo you're almost done...tomorrow sounds exciting! 32 bagels...are you feeding an army? Haha someone else shoulda bought bagels too and ya'll split it!

allison said...

nice chairs. yeah, the bagels are a lot for one person to buy...i mean the cream cheese person is getting away with spending 5 dollars at most. I guess you'll have to think of a tactful way to bring it up.

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