Monday, June 8, 2009

Another blip in posting, stupid exams.

I'm joining Holly's thrift store Thursday, even though this post wasn't made today. :)

Posting on the weekends is tough for me since it the the little time I have with Prince Phillip. Oh yeah, and something about having a test Monday morning and a 13 page paper due Monday morning affected my I should be blogging time.

Friday was a tough day. I was just exhausted, probably more emotionally then anything else, but I was sleepy. I called PP Friday on my way home from my med pass lab and was crying about something stupid and Phillip sent me home for a nap. I woke up much happier. Friday night PP and I went to Olive Garden, I was craving their bread sticks. I can't really tell you why, but they were tasty! Then we headed to Target because I needed some stuff, cat litter, cat treats, I also picked up Scrabble because I had been wanting to play. Well the Scrabble that I wanted was the one that holds the pieces in place, but that one was $35, so I settled on the $15 one. We went home and play! It was a great time and then we had a wonderful rest of the evening.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed out with Nood on our garage sale fun. We got a lamp ($3) that I am going to paint a different color and put on my vanity; we got a storage chest ($5) that was super ugly that I am going to refinish and make it a bench for the kitties and it has storage on the inside and I will probably put all my pet blankets and beds in there; we also got a bag of Thomas the Train toys ($5) for the boys--they were a hit, because it wasn't until we put the entire set together that we realized that the trains are battery opperated and ran along the tracks themself; and, the last thing we got....your going to have to keep going to find out-->

Look what I found!! It was sealed, brand new!! I got it for $3. The best part is that it was the one that holds the letter pieces in place. I am was so freaking excited. Needless to say, total spent at garage sales was $16 and I returned the $14.99 Scrabble game to Target and with tax got $16 put back on my card. WASH!

The rest of Saturday was pretty relaxing. I went to the boys house from 10-5ish. It was wonderful. I love them. Shelley and Bill went to go see a house they were interested in and then joined Ashley and Chip at the hospital. Madison is doing wonderfully. She was finally allowed to drink some juice which made her very happy. Shelley was also going to try to get Madison up and moving around. She is still NPO because she has no bowel sounds, hopefully getting her up and walking around will wake her bowels up. (It did! She is no longer NPO and they are talking about d/c her today 6/8.) Phillip and I headed out to Las Margaritas for dinner, tasty as always.

Sunday was a pretty blaza day. I got up studied a bit after I took the dogs out, fell back asleep until about 1015. I then got up and headed to PetSmart like I promised Gail I would. I didn't get much accomplished there. I was supposed to finish note cards, I did. That was it. I then headed home and pretended to study and by pretending to study I ate pizza and took a nap. PP left a bit earlier with some excuse about wanting me to study...lameo. Well instead of studying I finished the paper and then went and met Meghan at Perkins to study. We were there until about midnight and did get a good amount of studying done. I tried to flip through my cards a bit more once I got home but was falling asleep about 0115. I gave up and called it a night.

Then today, I had a stupid test. I got a B...another B...I have a solid B in the class, surprised! Yeah no, not so much. Then after a terrible lecture on HTN Meghan and I went to go run some errands. We hit up B&N and I bought two new doggie magazines, then went to Old Navy where I exchanged one of the skirts I bought pair of shorts, then we hit up Target were we of all things had lunch! We each had an icee, shared a pizza and had a chocolate chip cookie. Yum! I had to go to return the scrabble game, yay! I also picked up my no baby medicine. :)

On my way home I swung my JoAnn's to pick up fabric to recover the storage thing and also foam padding to make the top part a seat for the kitties. Well I was in a rush because I was metting someone at my house in like 20 minutes. I grabbed what I needed, fabric for the top, fabric for the bottom and foam padding, so lets count together, that's 3 things...$82! Are you shitting me!! Well I didn't have time to figure that all out so I figured I would when I got home. Well I decided I would just return the 3 yards of fabric I was going to use to cover the bottom, which was $34, and then it would be much more affordable. I'll return that tomorrow. Anyways...

When I got home I was waiting on my vanity to be delivered, I'll refinish that when I have money, which is not this week. I also redid the storage thing I bought on Saturday. I was quite excited about it. Here it is:

:) I like it...


Annie said...

You had a busy weekend!!
I seem to never have time to post on the weekends either ;)
The bench turned out great! Where will you be putting it in your home?

Anonymous said...

You stayed mega busy!

Brooke said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and following me!! You had one busy weekend! Good Gravy Marie! I love love yard sales, so many cheap treasures! :)

Holly said...

I love it when I find something I've been looking for at a bargain price (like your Scrabble)...hurray! The bench looks great. Sounds like a fun weekend.
Thanks for joining TST; I'm always glad to have new participants:)

Anna said...

the bench looks great after some paint and fabric

Christina said...

Great deals. Love your storage bench. Scrable for $3.00--Yay!

Jenny said...

Great deals! I've been looking for a scrabble game too! I hope I find one soon.

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