Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ick, Mondays!

Today I sat through a lecture on Alzheimer's Disease, let me tell you, just don't get old! Then I had a math test that I got a 95%, a bit bummed because it was a stupid mistake. I wrote my answer as 200 mLs when it should have been 200 mLs/h. Whatever!

Then, way better than class, I went shopping! Meghan and I headed to Old Navy because I had a $50 off $100 coupon, how rocking is that?!?! I bought 5 skirts and 2 shirts. I meant to post pictures tonight, but forgot when I was babysitting tonight. They are adorable, I am so excited to wear them and be super cute. :)

Meghan and I also went and perused through Michael's, we decided on summer projects. We are going to get our scrapbooks up to date. We both are going to do one from out NYC trip, one from nursing school and then catch up on my personal ones. I am taking extra babysitting jobs to pay for my fun!! Oh and we are refinishing a piece of furniture. We are both keeping our eyes out for something that strikes us and then it will take up residency in my garage. Since her hubby, Graham's, med school rotation is in Jax he will be gone all weekdays in July and August we will have play time!! I am personally looking for a little desk or something like that to refinish into a vanity that I can place and hang a beautiful beveled mirror over it. If you know or see anything, holler my way!!

:) Yay for the nursing home tomorrow. 5 hours ins't too bad, but then I have to pick up Jodi's kids to watch them for 3 and a half hours or so. It wont be too bad, hopefully I will get this nursing home paper written tomorrow night so it's done when Prince Phillip comes to town.

(Side note, BTW, I am watching the Bachlorette tonight and Jillian has rocking legs! Definitely legs to strive for.)


Annie said...

Isn't babysitting the best!? I just love little kids. I'm going to be 26 and I still babysit almost every weekend :) The $$ is a great benefit too!

Anonymous said...

I took up babysitting this summer, too! However, starting Friday night off & on I've had horrible pain in my stomach area. Well, come to find out I have a stomach ulcer & I got my prescriptions filled yesterday! It is no easy thing to get rid of but I sure wish there was a magic pill (singular). I am now having to take tetracycline QID, Flagyl TID, Pepto Bismol BID, & Omneprazole BID. Talk about nightmare & on top of that I already have a sensitive GI tract...so of course, it has made my stomach have even more issues. So I woke up this morning sick & decided that chasing 6yo & 2yo boys wouldn't really go well with my issues! Ah...I take a total of 13 pills a day (for 2 weeks) to get rid of this ulcer...but I guess that's better than leaving it untreated and windng up with stomach cancer on down the road! Ha...so I agree Ick, Monday! Glad you survived the alheizmer lecture...major blah!

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