Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday...I love Friday

I love love love Fridays!

I get to see Phillip on Fridays, I don't have to sit in lecture tomorrow or Sunday, Fridays are wonderful.

Ok, as far as the tattoo goes, I got rid of the sparrows even though I really like them. I went and talked to the tattoo artist, Kyle today, and we worked on what I wanted. I really just wanted something to help the fluidity of the tattoo I currently have because it is just there...all alone. He thought that adding the sparrows in would be to out of place, he advised me against it if the reason I was getting a tattoo was to help with the fluidity. He was afraid that the sparrows wouldn't fit in because they were too different. It would just look like another tattoo. Well we decided on just a design which I am getting done tonight at 2130. I really like that sparrow design, maybe I'll just catalog that for a future tattoo. :)


1. For fabulous design ideas...I am so inspired by some of these blog writers. There was an awesome entry about a wallpaper art thing, which I am going to try. That will happen after I get the barstools done...maybe Prince Phillip will go to JoAnnes with me tonight to find some fabric.

2. Rehab, we had a lecture on rehab today and I really forgot how important rehab is. It is basically what gets our patients back home. You know, we keep them alive on the floors, and then they go to the rehab centers to get rehab to live at home again.

3. Lily, this puppy has brought Caity and I so much closer together. She calls me with any questions or concerns she has, because she trusts me. I love that, I love knowing she looks up to me. :)

4. Index cards...stupid exams. We have a stupid exam on Monday, this summer semester we only have 3 grades, test 1, test 2, and test 3, that's it. Well test one is Monday and it is random as anything so thank goodness for index cards.

5. Prince Phillip, he is almost here!! Just a few more minutes and we get to spend the weekend together, yay for us! :)

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Becca said...

I really liked the sparrow idea but I am sure that whatever you decide will look great. I can't wait to see it!

Hope you and Phillip have a great weekend together!

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