Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

Yay for the second Not Me Monday since baby Stellan returned home after his ablation surgery in Boston. Today was not the first day back for summer semester, and it definitely wasn't better then expected. Our lecture on chronic illness did not make me feel smart and most certianly did not get me excited to back into the nursing school groove. I did not go straight to home goods after school and I without question did not spend too much money on a fabulous new suitecase...nope not me, I am far too responsible to spend money on a suitecase I don't particularlly need since the one I still have is functional. Then silly me did not come home and wait until 1900 to start working on chores, nope, I definitely did not sit out on the patio with the kitties and Nood listening to the birds while avoiding what needs to be done. Well since I did not wait that late to get started, it definitely did not take me until 2200 to finish folding 6 loads of laundry (I most certainly did not put off folding laundry until it piled up and it looked as if my washer exploded on the north side of my house) and to finish "spring/summer" (we don't have spring in Florida, no that really isn't a "Not Me Monday" thing, we actually do not have spring here) of just my bedroom...not me. I am not ready to head to bed now even though I still need to comment on some of my friends blogs, not me!


1. Gail has a puppy that my sister is going to adopt, I am so excited about that. She has been looking for a puppy and Gail has a golden mix that will be 8 weeks old on Friday that Caity is heading up to pick up on Wednesday morning. I am so excited for her.

2. Gail, just in the fact that she takes care of all the critters while sacrificing herself and her needs. I know, I'm not sure how many other people know that she can't afford to do all that she does. She pays the $400 + electric bill monthly out of her own retirement money, even though it definitely isn't her useage. I know that she overdrafts her account on a far too frequent basis in order to make sure the cats and dogs are feed and vetted correctly. I really wish there was just a person who has a lot of money that they would want to donate to Animal People on a regular basis. Any takers? Let me know. :)

3. That Phillip arrived back in Florida without any issues. He and Alisha had an uneventful plane ride and he got home, ate some lunch and took a nap. I think he had a good vacation with his family. I know that it was hard on him celebrating Jessica's birthday because it had him wondering if his Dad will be around in September for his quarter century of excellence celebration. I guess we'll just see, who knows?!?

4. Nood, I love my Noody bear. I got him the cutest rain vest today to take with us to Tennessee, it fits perfectly is even in his color (bright blue). It looked adorable on him, I will make a note to take a picture of him and get it posted soon.

5. Motivation, I am finally motivated again to do a bunch of things. I was motivated to get all that laundry folded and I am motivated to get to the BOL tomorrow morning to get the PICC notes printed and the ones I took transcribed. I am also motivated to get notecards started tomorrow morning. I will try to remember to bring them with to get them done tomorrow during breaks.

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