Thursday, May 14, 2009


Phillip and I are heading to the tattoo parlor tomorrow! I am adding on to my back tattoo. I currently have this:
On my lower back right in the middle and I am going to be adding this in:

The one facing right will be on the left of the ribbon and the one facing left will be on the right of the ribbon. I think it will look nice. I just think that the ribbon needs something a bit more and I like the meaning of the sparrow. Sparrows typically only mate with one other bird and stay with each other for their entire life. This is not typically of many animals and especially many other species of birds as they will more often mate with different mates. This has lead sparrows to become a symbol for loyalty. So one significant meaning behind a sparrow tattoo can be loyalty to a loved one of just loyalty in general. I like it. I think it is appropriate, I want a lifetime love, I want a lifetime of loyalty. I will definitely post some pictures when I get home tomorrow night after we enjoy pizza and then the tattoo parlor.


1. Finding a tattoo I want. I have been looking for a while to add on to my ribbon, I'm excited. I think it will be pretty.

2. Getting out of class early today. We got out at 1130 and Meghan and I went to get queso until 1230 or so and then it was nap time. It was fabulous. I love naps!

3. The old navy weekly site. I got a coupon today for 25% off my purchase. Not bad. I might be able to go get some new dresses this weekend thanks to It's Hip to Save.

4. Caity's puppy is doing well. She had a hard time sleeping last night Caity, not the puppy, well I guess the puppy also, she was up because the puppy wouldn't stop crying. Hopefully tonight she'll sleep like a good girl.

5. For Keri, I haven't talked to her in a while and we were able to get an hour on the phone together tonight. We've decided that she is going to come down here about the 8th or so of July for a bit to just hang out. It will be nice to see one another again. We haven't seen each other in (it's embarrassing) July will be a year!


Becca said...

I really like the meaning behind that tattoo. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. What will Phillip be getting?

I love the Old Navy Coupon site thingy too. Thanks for sharing that blog with us! said...

Take a pix. I want to see it!

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