Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hodge Podge

I haven't posted since Wednesday, I've been busy. I figure I'd throw together a quick post updating my week.

Wednesday and Thursday I had clinicals on that terrible floor. I have only two more shifts on that floor, thank goodness. The nurses half ass everything and it is so frustrating. I like cardiac, but hate...hate that floor. This coming week I have 1 math test, 2 days of class, 2 days in the nursing home, 1 day in rehab, and 1 afternoon in lab. This week is going to be incredibly busy. We have 3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks until summer break...push!!

Yesterday I had an NSA meeting and class. The meeting was just as boring as class. I have 90 minutes on the eyeball (yuck) and 90 minutes on the ear. Then once class got out, I had to head to the bank then to Moe's (Welcome to Moe's!). After lunch I had to head to PetSmart and I helped Gail set up then took Sup to her hair cut. I love when Ralph get Super all beautiful. She looks like a fluffy little bear, I love it!!

Last night Phillip and I headed to Macarooni Grill for dinner, it was yummy!! Oh, I'm hungry now and I think I'm going to have my left overs...yum.

Lastly Noody and I got up early this morning and went to a few garage sale. We bought this super cute hot pink vase for $1 and a suitcase holder for $3 that I put new ribbons on. I also finished up my bar stools. Here are some before and after pictures. I am excited to bring them into the house later today once I am comfortable that the paint has completely dried. Ok, here are some pics:


Becca said...

That pink vase is super cute. You did a really great job on the suitcase holder. The bar stools turned out super cute as well!

Okay, you have made me hungry so now I am off to find something that sounds nowhere near as appealing as Moes!

Anonymous said...

Ew I don't envy the rotation that you're in. I think we do cardiac floor or something like it our senior year in adult health, but we only had to do 1 nursing home day for 6 hours (which was our first interaction with real humans). I guess it was a good thing b/c sadly most of them had no clue so they couldn't gripe at us if we didn't do something right ha! My pt had all pureed foods and I almost vomited trying to feed her b/c she was def. total care! All of your projects turned out cute! Have a great rest of the weekend & push through those last few weeks until your summer starts! Goodluck it sounds like you will be busy!

Katie said...

I LOVE your crafty-ness! Super cute suitcase holder :)

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