Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick GiST


I am tired and it isn't even nine, but I still have to shower and have laundry to move. Here is a quick GiST tonight, because I am really trying to be good and make sure I get this done nightly.

1. That Phillip got to Tennessee safely.

2. The fabulous bargain that the woman selling the bar stools was willing to give me.

3. For Cooper, just being Cooper. He is just silly and sweet.

4. Movie/pizza night. From 4-7:30 there was movie watching and pizza eating, the only interruptions was for bath time and for the boys to say goodnight to their parents.

5. Bath time. Jackson has been pretty outrageously cranky today. I honestly have no idea why, he just has been, but I quickly bathed the big boys and then plopped him in there all by himself. I grabbed my book and sat on the bathroom floor reading while he happily played for about a half an hour. It was marvelous.

Happy weekend to everyone...Cooper's soccer and a classmates birthday party tomorrow. I'm sure it will all be quite thrilling. I will hopefully get some cute pictures of him getting his trophy tomorrow. I'll definitely post one if I do.

I'm off to dream fabulous dreams.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Hurray for pleasant sleeps!


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