Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am definitely not writing this when I should be studying no not me, with that being said, I am definitely not writing my not me monday on sunday because that would be wrong. I'm not doing that. I am not laying in bed with the basketball game on, not laying with my big fat Moses cat, and I am definitely not looking at my notecards all strewn a mess on the bed next to me. Nope, not me.

I am not stressed about my exam tomorrow morning at 0930. I am not stressed at all about how it is just a hodge podge of crap that I need to know, no I definitely wouldn't be upset about randomness. I am not stressed about studying genertology all semester--I am definitely not stressed because the only thing I know about old people is when you become old everything breaks. I, of course, know more then that.

I am not excited about starting clinicals this week, because it is the thing that actually proves to me that I am learning stuff in this God awful program. I am not thrilled about having patient contact again, not me, I love hitting the books.

I am also not excited about going to Tennessee on Thursday, with that being said, let me clarify that I am not skipping class on Friday--I wouldn't skip class, I am far too studious for that. As excited as I am not about Tennessee I am also not worried that I will be able to see some health decline in Wilson. I am not worried about me being the only one besides him that notices certain things-I am not worried because everyone thinks he is doing so well when logic would tell us otherwise. I am not going to attempt to enjoy myself up there and I am not going to do my best to not look at WIlson medically and just look at him as his family does. I am not a bit upset that since nursing school that is one of the qualities that I can not turn off at will.

My tattoo is not healing nicely, it does not look super cute! I am not thrilled that the tattoo artist, Kyle, could not match the pinks up perfectly. Nope, not thrilled about that at all. I am not a bit disappointed that Phillip decided not to get the tattoo to honor his Dad. I am not a bit confused by him saying he isn't that tattoo kind of person. I mean why would I be confused by that since it has such a defined meaning?!? Nope, not confused at all.

I also, definitely, did not just turn on my third episode of Southland. I do not watch randomly recorded TV to procrastinate from studying. I do not do that. I am far too studious to watch television that I really do not care for in order to put off school, nope, not me.

I do not hope that everyone has a wonderful Not Me Monday, nope!


Anna said...

LOL, you forgot that when you get old you also get saggy allllll over. :) said...

I'm so glad that things are going well with nursing school!

Congrats about the scholarship!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's hard to stop thinking medical once you start!!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, I am a week late, but better now than never, right? Great list my dear. Can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Hey I just found your blog through Made With Love & I feel ya on the whole studying thing. I am also in nursing school & judging by your countdown it appears that we have about the same amount of time left to suffer hahaha I meant perfect our skills & increase our knowledge of course. Luckily, I get out this summer (last year I had to go to school all summer b/c that's what my school requires for juniors-to learn all of the skills on mannequins). I find myself doing everything possible as well to avoid studying....even scrubbing the toilets haha. Goodluck with school!

Anonymous said...

Actually I just finished my Jr Year (Med Surg/OB/Pharmacology/Peds/Psych, and some other dumb classes that don't involve clinical). We have to take the HESI, which is a progression exam between jr & sr years & I passed on the first go around so I'm out until mid-Aug for summer. Thank God...first years have to go the entire summer to learn their skills on the mannequins, etc. Do you go this summer?

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