Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ha, a night early!

I'm back and I'm twittering.

How cool is is much cooler today since I've figured out how to use it. I am still trying to figure out how to get other people's updates but I'll get it. Anyone who has any tips shoot me a message...or a twitter. :)

I'm trying to think of the best way to do this post, I have so much going on (especially since I'm a loser and I haven't posted). School...boyfriend...The Chuch...the You get the drift. We'll go in that order and I'm sure I will throw more random side notes along the way.

NP2 is DONE...D-O-N-E...done, done, done!!! I ended up with a B in the semester, not too bad. I really want an A, but we actually lost a lot of people this semester-so I'll take my B and proceed onto NP3. I was dying towards the end of the semester, it was so freaking long and tedious. It was awful. I am excited about NP3 though. I really like nursing school but was burned out from NP2, and now NP3 is a clean slate and another chance to earn an A. I can do it...please cheer me on (I'll need it). I am going to be very proactive this summer. I am going to get my reading for test 1 together tomorrow to get a jump start on at the boys this week. Enough about school.

Oh the boyfriend...oh the boyfriend. We were doing so good for so long. Everything was knock on wood (not like it matters now) perfect. We were blissfully happy then this weekend happened. I am not going to get into all the nasty details of it. We had two and a half good night out of four nights and I left today mid fight. I couldn't take it anymore, so I left. I know that I contributed much if not most of the issues with this weekend, but I don't know what to do. I want things back to the way it was. I've asked for advice before, I'm asking for it again.

Roman Noodle is wonderful. He is with me under the covers right now, he will be coming with me to the boys house tomorrow. I need to wash his blankets and bed to bring with his crate...I'm not sure I'll bring his real crate or just a cat carrier. The boys love him...I love him...he's fabulous.

I go to the Collins tomorrow. Shelley and Bill leave tomorrow and they are actually going to Key West. Because of H1N1 virus, Mexico changed to Key West. I am sure they will have a wonderful time just spending it alone together. I know I will have a wonderful time with the boys. I'm excited. I am trying to mentally prepare myself because I know this week is going to be so tiring. I am going to try to sit down tomorrow and plan out our weeks worth of dinner as well as a weeks worth of crafts. I need to see how much money Shelley leaves for me to determine everything that I'm doing with them. I know there are so many Mamas out there, so if you have any fun craft ideas shoot them my way!

I think I'm going to leave it there for now. I am going to definitely get on tomorrow, share some pictures and all that jazz. Love you all!

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Becca said...

Twittering- I have yet to jump on that bandwagon. Maybe one day I will!

Sounds like school went great. Congrats on getting a B!!

I am sorry things are sour with the boyfriend again. I am horrible at giving advice but I will certainly pray for the two of you!

I bet you are going to have so much fun with the boys! I would definitely google arts and crafts for the ages and see what comes up.

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