Saturday, May 9, 2009


I love Saturdays. I feel like so much can get done on Sundays, because you usually have no responsibilities (work wise) and it also isn't the end of the weekend. Today we had a bunch to do. The boys slept in because I asked them to stay in their room until I got them up and then we had game...played Indiana Jones...birthday party...nap!

Here are some pictures from Coop's soccer this morning. My little rock star scored 3 goals today, he is also super fast. He got his trophy today! This was something he was super excited about.


1. Phillip loves me...he wrote me today to tell me how much he appreciates my support, it is nice to know you are appreciated. He also wore the shirt I bought him in Nashvegas that says "Everyone loves a nurse" to the baseball game tonight--and he bought me a shirt at the Chattanooga Lookout game tonight. :)

2. The boys sleeping in. I woke up on my own about 6:45, then Cooper who came out of his room even though I told him to stay in (he had been awake for about 35 minutes at that point) to tell me "it is time to get up, the sky is blue and that means it is daytime." I got up and then got everyone else up as well.

3. Sleep, I am very sleepy now, it is almost bedtime. I am watching Nell with Jodie Foster, but I think it is going to get turned off and then I'm going to head to bed.

4. Craigslist, obviously, my first DIY project is my barstools, but I am also looking for a rocking chair. I've always wanted a really nice one and I don't care if I have to refinish it since that is the point of DIY, right?!? I've emailed a few people to inquiry about them.

5. Reading, I love to read. I finsihed one book today and am working on another one that is composed of short stories. A book like that I am able to read while in school because I can leave it down for days on end without a problem unline a normal novel.

Goodnight everyone!

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Becca said...

Awe! How cute is he with his trophy?! It sounds like you had a busy but wonderful Saturday!

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