Monday, July 13, 2009

12 out 10!

I rated my productivity on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest (worst pain you've ever felt, lol) I gave myself a 12. I got up after not sleeping well last night. I couldn't fall asleep until 3ish or 4ish then Super was all weird around 5:30ish...basically I didn't sleep well. Well I got up and I was putzing on the computer then Keri called me. Well we chit chatted and she motivated me to get going.

I decided to tackle my bathroom (there were multiple times when everything was strewn all over my bathroom that I thought this was a bad idea!). Well after probably close to 2 hours I finished. I was very happy with it once I finished. I cleaned out all the cabinets, threw away a ton of stuff (old makeup, almost empty bottles, random whatevers) and then reorganized...I love organizing things. I have a basket of cleaning stuff, a basket of makeup (which will move to my vanity shortly), a basket of hair care stuff, a basket of all my bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.. I then vacuumed the bathroom up, cleaned the counter tops, sinks, drains (ick!), and mirrors. Now it is all sparkly! I love sparkly things. :)

While I was doing the bathroom, I was also running around moving laundry through the washer to the dryer and was able to get all my laundry done, 3 loads!

Some reason there was a bug up my butt to get more done! I decided to tackle the vanity which has been in my garage for probably close to 6 weeks. I needed to sand it, then repaint it, put new handles on the drawer, and recover the stool. Well I did everything but recover the stool today. There was also a flower on the front right leg and not on the left, well that bothered Prince Phillip so I took off the flower from on of the back legs and replaced it onto the front left leg. Now it is symmetrical. (I hope you are happy Prince Phillip). I also covered the inside of the drawer with a hodge podge of scrapbook paper covered with mod podge to seal it. It is my first real piece of furniture I've done. I am happy enough with it. I used spray paint to recover it and I think I might actually use regular white paint to repaint the top. I just don't think with the spray paint you get a cover as well as you would with regular paint. I might try that tomorrow. We'll see. Well here are some pictures of it, enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a 20 to me haha!

Elle said...

dang you had quite the productive day!!!! I'm loving the vanity!

the eye's feeling MUCH better. The drops have been helping so much.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Seriously! Way to go! i love those types of days. I may need to get one of those ordered up soon.

allison said...

You're working so hard! I'm impressed. The vanity is super cute. you are definitely a 12 out of 10. said...

I was hoping to see the inside of the

You have a ton of energy girl...want to come over to my house and organize?!

Sounds like you did a lot of things that you will enjoy for much time to come!

Becca said...

Oh wow you were busy busy! I would definitely rate that at more than just a 12!

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