Saturday, July 25, 2009

I <3 Saturdays

I love Saturdays, they are just so relaxing, refreshing, etc. I got up a bit before 10 and now I am curled up on the couch with my laptop and Prince Phillip is playing his new NCAA 2010 football game, Go Gators!

Anyways, some good news with Prince Phillip's Dad; he has pneumonia. Now some of you may be wondering how that is a good thing, well he thought that the cancer had spread so much that he needed to come back and go into hospice when it reality all he needed was an antibiotic and some rest. Don't get me wrong, the cancer hasn't disappeared, but it isn't nearly as bad as he had thought. His oncologist said that he didn't think that he was ready for hospice just yet. On Monday he will go in for a CT scan and to do mapping for radiation. I know, he has waited so long to do radiation, but they think it will help with the pain control. He is in a lot of pain and doesn't like to take pain meds since they make him foggy, so fingers crossed this helps some. Other than that, he will have radiation everyday for 3 weeks and then they will look at all his scans again. Prince Phillip's mom mentioned that she if hopeful that they may be able to go back to Tennessee before he needs hospice. That would be wonderful.

Aside from all that. There aren't any real plans for today. Prince Phillip has to get his hair cut and we have to be at his sister's house at 7pm for dinner tonight. Roman Noodle is curled up under a blanket with me and is such a sweet little boy. He had a pretty long seizure today, it lasted about a half an hour, but he is fine now. Poor little boy...I hate when he has those. Well that should buy us another 4 weeks or so until his next one--they usually only happen once every 4 weeks. He went with us to Prince Phillip's sister's house last night and was perfect as usual. During dinner he curled up on the doormat next to Prince Phillip's chair and slept there until dinner was over. He is so good!

Maybe I can talk Prince Phillip into going to the outlet malls today...I love shopping! I will let you know if I am lucky enough to be able to shop shop!!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting about my lamp shade. I hope you will come back and check out even more and follow me and sign up for my give away.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear better news on PP's dad! Poor Noodle, it's so sad when they're having one of those because there's really nothing you can do for them except keep them from hurting themself! :( Good luck shopping!

Elle said...

Did you do some extra shopping for me?! I had to work from 10:30-9 today so I'm wiped out, but retail therapy sounds majorly relaxing. Glad to know PP's dad is better than what they expected :)

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