Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you all so much!

I appreciate everyone's wonderful comments. You all are so sweet. I am so excited that I have this place to bounce my million and twelve wedding ideas off everyone.

I haven't talked to my Mom yet about the date, I think I am going to do that tonight so that way we can look at getting Save the Date cards ordered in December. I want everyone invited to have ample time to get good prices on their tickets and stuff. We should be able to reserve the hotel rooms at a decent rate since Prince Phillip works for them (fingers crossed).

I also want to get engagement pictures done sooner rather than later. I am thinking about possibly contacting someone to get them done maybe over labor day weekend. We (I) need to decide where I want to have the pictures done, I also need to decide what we're going to wear. I am thinking I want to head over to the beach to get them done...I'm just a beach girl. I got a beautiful teal dress for our trip that was supposed to be to Amelia Island in a couple of weeks, but we've decided to forgo that trip (that was where Prince Phillip actually intended on proposing to me). Anyways, so I was thinking maybe that teal dress and them him in linen kacki pants and then a white shirt...and there are a couple of other dress changes we are allowed; any ideas? Probably one of our outfits will be in Gator clothing...because we're GATORS! (Duh!) We are also looking at having the dogs in one of the sets. I love our dogs. (I love being able to say that). I love pictures, I want them now. :) I'll let you all know what the photographer I've contacted has to say.

What else...oh, color options anyone? I am thinking hot pink and teal--it's on the beach; however, I don't want it to be too girly. I think that with teal being the main color and then hot pink being an accent it wouldn't be too girly. Any thoughts?

Oh and lastly, what do you all think about doing a reception party afterwards? A lot of people who do destination weddings then come back and have a "we're married" party. Any thoughts? We're not going to do an engagement party or anything like that, I just feel weird asking people to come to parties but then not to the wedding, you know?

Ok, well all advice and input is greatly appreciated! :)


Annie said...

OH MY GOODNESS, i just read your last few posts...CONGRATS HUN!!! i'm so happy for you!! :)
your ring is gorgeous!
you are all over everything girly :) (unlike me, ha!)
i'm excited for it all! ;)

allison said...

Hey Sweetie! I'm glad you're getting super excited about the wedding plans. I would be too! I'm excited about your big day. I think a reception after the fact would be a great idea for those of your friends who'd like to celebrate your marriage, but can't make it to the wedding. See my blog..ha I just went a reception that was a little different! Totally weird story...she got married secretly and decided to come back for a fake wedding within a reception! lol

Anonymous said...

I love all of your thoughts! I don't think it'd be too girly! I will be on top of things as well...I already couldn't sleep until I'd be laying in bed for 2 hours last night b/c I finally decided where I want to have mine & now I'm all excited thinking of all the details. My aunt is a photographer so I will prob get my pics done fast! Hey I don't know if you'd want it or not, but if you go to they have a checklist of all of the wedding planning details and you can check it off as you go or cross it out if it doesn't pertain to you....I am thinking of printing it once I get my proposal! It had stuff that I would've never thought of such as wedding insurance! Anyway, Congrats again!

Elle said...

love the color scheme. As long as it isn't like Shelby's wedding in Steel Magnolias... I think that's too much pink. And I LOVE pink. So happy for you!!!!! Glad you're having an awesome week so far (I want to trade places w/ you :])

Amanda said...

Just found your blog, congrats! I actually just ordered our wedding bands today (getting married Labor Day weekend)! :) I love the reception after the fact idea. We are thinking about doing that too. Getting married in Colorado where all our family is, but we live in Washington. I worry that people will think they will have to give us presents if they come to the reception though... Best of luck with all your planning!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

CONGRATS!!! What an exciting time for you...enjoy it.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to have a reception afterwards or a party when you get home. That way people who couldn't make it to the wedding could still celebrate with you.

I love the colors you chose...2 of my favorites! I'm sure everything will be lovely.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I did not know this until right now! See what happens when I go away from blog land for a day! Geesh! I am so happy for you! Take pics of the dress for us, so we can better decide

Becca said...

YAY! I am sooo excited to read all about the wedding process!

Hot pink and teal I think would be gorgeous! It sounds like you have some great ideas for the engagement pictures already! Also, I would definitely have a back from the wedding reception! Very fun!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness!! Congrats!!!! Ahhhh!!! I think Teal and hot pink is cute! Oh my. That is sooo exciting!!!!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Awww I so remember those first days of trying to answer a million and one questions all at once. haha

I'm sure its going to be perfect!

I'm a little confused though.. is it a destination wedding and if so where is it at? (I may just be confused because I am so unbelievable behind on all my blog reading! lol)

By the way, I left something for you over at my blog :) said...

I think that it is common and terrific to have a reception at home after a destination wedding.

Can't wait to see your engagement pix!

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