Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not Me Tuesday

This post was supposed to be written on Monday, but my Monday went nuts! I'm going to tell you all about my super exciting/stressful/happy ending Monday.

I talked to Gail (who runs the animal rescue group I volunteer for) this morning about when and where we were meeting for me to pick up Super who stayed with her over the Fourth of July weekend. Well she told me that she received a call last night from a guy she adopted two dogs to on Saturday and they told her that Russell got away, she asked if I would go with her to Georgia to try to find him. I try to help her out when I can because I used to volunteer countless hours a week and since I've been in school I have majorly cut back, probably to 10% what I used to do. So I said yes.

Then she called me back to tell me that she just talked to them and they got him back....great. I was quite relieved. I really didn't want to drive all the way to Georgia, it was 2 hours there and 2 hours back. Then she called me back at 4 to tell me he got out again and was I still free. I of course told her yes.

Well she picked me up about 5ish then we got to Georgia around 7:15, found the house. The guys who lived there weren't there. We looked and looked, and found no signs of him. The neighbor saw us looking and told us that they had seen him running around about 20 minutes ago. We couldn't find any signs of him, no noise in the woods, no random dogs barking, nothing.

Gail left around 8:30 to go to the local CVS to get a yummy treat to try to entice him, bug spray because we were being eaten alive, some G2 because I was dying from thirst (no exaggeration there....nope non at all <--there is my not me monday contribution) . She got back, we gave Super, Roman and her dog Tanner some water then I put super in the crate in the back of her van so we could leave the back van door open so it would be cooler. Well we put some vienna sausage out in a bowl for him, walked up and down the area, no signs for him. We were searching with a flash light in the rain and still nothing. Well we went back around the front of the house and looky there, this little dog is in the middle of the road, hanging out there, just staring at us. Gail called him and he turned to run then she squatted down and he made this huge circle around us while she was talking to him and then there was like this light bulb went off and Russell ran to her like "Hey, I know you!"

We left Georgia around 9:30ish and got back to my house about 11:30. I just got out of a bath, a nice hot bath after scrubbing all the bug spray off and sat down to hang out. I like relaxing. It was nice to go back out and help a little doggie. It reminded me of some good rescues I'd been a part of. :) I love my furbabies.


Elle said...

golly! that sounds like a crazy day indeed! that's funny about the dog just sitting in the street looking at you though. sounds like something a cat would do :)

Annie said...

you are such a good person :)
yay to you for helping find the pup! glad it all worked out okay and ended with a hot bath!

wife.mom.nurse said...

What a great way to help people. Pets are so important in our lives!

I love the "not me" angle here LOL!

Anonymous said...

silly dog...i hope his new owner fixes his fence or something!

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