Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wasn't planning on posting

I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight. I really didn't have anything go on today. I miss Prince Phillip, spending the weekends alone really sucks. The 6 hour class today on electronic databases was torturous. It was so long, granted a learned a few things, but honestly, a half an hour would have been sufficient.

This morning I worked on an art project. I wanted to bedazzle some clipboards to they are prettier when I use them in the hospital. They turned out ok. I have one more left that I bought and I am going to make that my best! I think I might even monogram the back (no stealing my stethoscope or my clipboard since they'll both have my name on them)! Here they are, any suggestions for colors for the last one? I might do Gator colors since the fall is FOOTBALL season! We'll see.

Oh and Moses had two little attacked today, this morning, but did just fine this evening (speak of the devil, he just got up on the bed and he is trying to get Super to move). We also had no rain today. Whatever, who knows!

Lastly, I wanted to post a little picture of my co pilot. This is how Noodle rides. :)


Elle said...

those clipboards are a-freaking-dorable! I love them! Lovin' the co-pilot's ride too!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Those clipboards are great! I need cool ones like that for my classroom! You should do a giveaway! They are great!

Annie said...

The clipboards turned out awesome!
I love em too! Wish I had a use for them, I want to make some ;) Good way for you to stay entertained while your prince is away.
Noodle looks so cute all cuddled in his little bed :) said...

I would have never thought of that for the clipboards. Love it!

Will it peel up easily? Looks like I may NEED to do one too!

Becca said...

The clipboards are adorable. VERY cute actually!

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