Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm worried about Moses...he has had this hacking cough/wheeze thing for over a year. I took him to the vet once over a year ago and saw Dr. Sammy (b/c my vet Kristin was out of town) he gave me basically three possible diagnoses, asthma, allergies or heartworms. I took him home with a crapload of oral meds and I couldn't give him his meds because he is impossible to pill. Well the wheeze, cough thing subsided and with it so did my worry. I headed back to the vet office to see Kristin with I'm pretty sure Roman (I think it was when he had his slipped disc; whatever, it's irrelevant) and just brushed Moses scenario with her. Well from what she heard (chart she saw) she said that it sounds more like allergies because how they kick up and then subside, kick up and then subside.

Well his hacking cough/wheeze thing is back. It has been back with a vengeance. It has been happening daily, multiple times a day so I'm worried. It isn't a constant thing, right now he is laying with me, breathing fine, purring and making pizza. He will have one of these little attacks it will last anywhere from 15 seconds to a couple minutes and then as soon as it subsides he is perfectly fine. Well I have called my vet and left a message (a tech called me back which pissed me off--I didn't leave a message for a tech I left one for the vet) so the tech called me back and was freaking useless. She said "I looked at the chart with Dr. McDonald and she said that since we haven't seen him in over a year the best thing to do would bring him in and we can do an exam and xrays." Ok, here's the deal, the office fee is $51 then the first xray is $125 and each view after is $25...I don't feel confident enough that a diagnoses can be made to drop $200 upon walking in the door. From everything I've read diagnosing any of these things is not done in an office visit; it is done by giving meds for different things and then seeing the reaction.

Here's another thought, I think that allergies isn't a big deal but asthma or heartworms clearly are. Then the other thing I was thinking is the rain has been ridiculous here and that could stir up a ton of crap that could agitate allergies. Ack! I don't know. Basically, he has had it for over a year another couple of weeks shouldn't be a problem. I want to see if with the rain subsiding, do his symptoms subside. Any thoughts? Anyone with pets or without, what are your thoughts?

I know he is a big fat jerk but he's my big fat jerk. He's my baby, he was my first--he has my heart. I love him.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow...vets are expensive where you live. The vet clinic that I just quit working at in March after 4.5 years charges $35 office visit; 70 for 1st xray and 25 for add. I don't blame you for holding out because if it seems like it's about this time every yr that it acts up it prob is allergies. Heartworms are almost never diagnosed in cats b/c you can't really treat them like you do dogs so what's really the use of putting them through all of the crap that accompanies a heartworm test; although they do make heartworm preventative for them too (Heartgard-chewable or Revolution-drip on). And you don't hear of asthma too much either....let's just hope it is allergies...who knows allergies could be triggering his asthma (like in people) if he does have it (although in my 4.5 yrs I don't recall ever hearing an animal diagnosed with asthma & allergies were EXTREMELY common)....if he seems fine and he was my cat I'd hold out, but it's normal to worry too! I'd be ticked too if I were you that a tech called you back, they didn't go to vet school! I mean I can see if you totally had no clue what you were talking about, but you have some medical background give me a break! Maybe get a 2nd opinion elsewhere. Hope he feels better soon!

Jenna said...

First of all, he's adorable! If he were one of my (3) cats, I would probably go to another vet (hopefully with a lower office rate, yikes!) and get a second opinion. Good luck!

Elle said...

I would definitely get a second opinion... that's REALLY expensive for an x-ray. I'd say just wait it out and see what happens.

Becca said...

My gracious! I would definitely get a second opinion and hopefully it will be much cheaper! Such a cute cat!

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