Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Without You

I am actually at the boy's house right now as I type this. Grandpa Bob is in surgery now down in Orlando and I am staying the night up here with the little ones. I put the baby down about a half an hour ago and I can hear him in his room kicking his mattress--this is something he has been doing for months now, I think it is soothing for him (not soothing for me since it sounds like knocking and gets Roman barking). Cooper is supposed to be in bed in just a few minutes and I can see him and Robbie in the playroom jumping over the exercise ball, clearly winding down...not.

Prince Phillip's parents have landed in Lake City by now, which is just an hour north of me. They will be spending the night there and then will only have about a 3 hours drive to finish off tomorrow. This short drive will be really nice considering it is uncomfortable for Wilson to sit for any extended period of time and tomorrow he will be extra tired just as a result of traveling. Prince Phillip goes to work tomorrow morning at 7:30 and then will get off at 4 and head home to change and then head to Jessica's house. I really hope he has a good visit with his Dad tomorrow. We also bought a book for Wilson to fill out, it basically asks questions about his life and stories, antidotes, etc. We figured that would be a nice thing to have for our children, that way they would feel like they know their Paw-Paw.

I just spoke to Shelley, Grandpa Bob went under about 6:30 and they are expecting it to take around 3 hours-give or take for any complications. After the surgery they have to wait 2 hours before anyone is allowed to see him. Shelley said she is going to try to wait until she knows he is out of the OR safely before she leaves to come back home. Bill has a really big family (he is the youngest of 6) so Shelley wont really be missed at midnight by Grandpa Bob.

I read a book to Jackson tonight called Without You (if you click on the book title you can actually read the entire book in PDF form on Google book). Anyways, there is a recurrent verse throughout the book that goes:

Where would I be,
What would I do,
Who in the world would see me through...
Where would I be,
What would I do,
Without you?

This verse in the story is the baby penguin talking to his father, but I think this applies to anyone we love and turn to for advice. Would my decisions be the same without the advice I've gotten from my parents, would my outlook be the same without my constant interactions with Prince Phillip, I don't think so. I think it is hard to imagine how your life would be different without the people in it that you turn to. I wouldn't be me. Anyways, that was just my thoughts for today--take them or leave them. Hug and kiss your family and loved ones tonight. :)


allison said...

I hope Grandpa is ok. I'm about to read that book. I think it sounds like it has an interesting message. We all have people who mold us to be the people we are today, and we should be thankful they are in our lives. I know I am happy to have my fam and friends. They mean so much are care for me so much.

Becca said...

I hope that everything went well with the surgery and that things look up. I will be keeping him and his family and friends in my prayers.

I will be checking out that book as soon as I finish commenting. It sounds pretty great.

Oh, and Dustin was born in Lake City. That is where all his mother's family is from!

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