Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disney World

Well it is Wednesday and a completely unproductive day. It's all good, tomorrow I'll try again.

On to Disney, well my friend Sarah who I haven't seen since 2005 moved down to Orlando a week ago. I went to Flagler with her and then I left to come to Gainesville and she went and got her BFA in Ohio and then went on to pastry school in Pittsburgh. Now she got an externship at Disney and is working as a pastry person at the contemporary hotel (which is the one that the monorail drives in through). Well she has moved here and is incredibly lonely. She has no friends and is so sad.

We have a date set up to go out to an gray hair dinner on Saturday. She gets out of work at 4:30 so we are meeting at Downtown Disney at 5. I figure that Prince Phillip is working from 8-5ish so he can either meet us there or I will be home not too late and we'll still get some good quality time together since we didn't see each other last week and we wont see each other again next weekend, this week is all we've got--and he's working Saturday.

On other subjects, Prince Phillip has gotten on a health kick. He has gone to the gym 3 out of the last 4 days and is eating much better. He never used to eat breakfast and often skipped lunch and now he is trying to be better about those things. I guess I should start working out again too. I've taken a hiatus from working out with the excuse that it is so hot outside (which it is) but if Prince Phillip is planning on losing weight I should probably get on that boat. I think I've said it before, but I am going to start running again tomorrow. I don't think I'll lose much weight, but I will at least tone up. I could probably lose 10lbs if I really went full force into this, but honestly, I am the lightest I've been in probably 5 years and I am enjoying being able to eat what I want. I'm going to tone up...

Yeah, well I am not re-reading this post for grammatical errors so sorry if it is terrible. :)


Anonymous said...

Have fun at dinner! B & I have been walking every night M-F starting last week...I'm happy bc walking with him keeps me motivated! I've also cut out the sweet drinks (DP) so hard but hopefully I am gona cut some pounds!!! Tonight we ran 1/2 a mile then walked 1.5 miles...needless to say I am determined to lose weight!

Becca said...

That is great that Phillip has gotten on a health kick lately. I wish I could do the same. Best of luck to the both of yall!

allison said...

I totally want to go to Disney. Great idea with the health kick...I'm trying so hard to be motivated. I bet you're still working hard on all of your projects though! You'll have to tell us if they turn out well.

Annie said...

Good luck hun! :)
I keep trying to get in the work out routine, I get super motivated and go at it for a week or so and then totally fall off the wagon :|
Have fun meeting at Disney! I want to come!

Brooke said...

You live by Disney World???? OMG! I'm going to cry and possibly piddle a little! Ohhh Disney! :)))) said...

Enjoy your time with your friend...Or hope you enjoyed your time with your friend...yes, I am scattered :)

Glad your awesome man is taking care of himself...forever is a long time, so he needs to be healthy!

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