Sunday, July 19, 2009

A long, long weekend

This weekend was supposed to be oh so different then how it turned out. Everything got all messed up.

I got to Prince Phillip's about 5 on Friday per his request so he could clean up a little before I got there. He had already worked 50 hours that week and was exhausted. I had a list of different meals to make while I was there (none of which got made). Anyways, Friday night was great, we got up Saturday morning and had breakfast together before he headed in to work. This is when everything started to get sticky...well I watched the last two episodes of NCIS from last season (they were awesome!), then read a bit then took a nap.

Well I woke up as Shelley (the Mom of the boys I was a nanny for) was calling me. Apparently Grandpa Bob (Bill's (the boy's Dad) Dad) was acting weird and last Monday when he drove up to see the boys play baseball Kerry (Bill's sister) asked them to just watch and see if they noticed anything weird. Well Shelley and Bill both noticed something about 5 minutes into seeing him. He apparently said something along the lines of "that girl is really pretty," mind you, to us that may seem harmless, but that is not something GPa Bob would say. Bill's mom (Grandma Sue who died 11 months ago) was Bob's one and only was just something weird. Well there were a couple of other comments made and Bill ended up talking Bob into staying in GVille for a bit and to see a doctor. Bob just seemed disinhibited. They saw a doctor sometime in GVille during the week and he ran a CT or MRI (honestly, didn't ask).

Well Friday, Bill drove Bob down to Wildwood to take him to a funeral--it was after the funeral that Bill broke the news to Bob that he has a (massive) brain tumor. Mind you, Bob took this news very well considering the brain tumor is in his right frontal lobe. The right frontal lobe is in control of decisions and personality--hence the disinhibition. Clearly nobody else took this news as good, anyways, Bill took Bob back to Orlando where he is now in the hospital awaiting brain surgery on Tuesday. We all think (Shelley, Bill and I) that the tumor is a glioma...not a good prognosis.

Well that sucks, so I told Shelley I'd do whatever they need since I am watching the boys Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I think I am going to be taking the boys to Disney on Friday...more on why I am in Orlando next weekend in a few.

Anyways, Keri then called me and I was talking to Keri for a while when I had a beep on the was Sherry (Prince Phillip's Mom). I go to Keri "sh*t, this can't be good if Sherry is calling me...I'll call you back."

Well then I clicked over and Sherry asked me if Prince Phillip was working and I told her he was. Then she told me that they will be coming down to Florida on Tuesday because Wilson's condition has deteriorated basically over the last week. He went from managing and being able to go through day to day to last week having problems with his breathing, to Sherry telling me on Saturday that they are bringing him down because the end is near. It is time for hospice to be involved in his care. Well she told me and I got ready and headed to Phillip's work to break the news to him and to also ask him to go down to tell his sister Alisha (who Sherry thinks is not doing well). Anyways, he took the news like I thought Phillip would, I gave him a hug and he headed back to work.

Well Saturday evening I spent with my friend Sarah at downtown Disney. It was nice to catch up with her, we went to Flagler together. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who doesn't have cancer as their main focus day in and day out. Then I went home and laid with Prince Phillip. He went to sleep and when he fell asleep I headed out to the kitchen and did some school work. I needed to do something that took my mind off of everything and I have to focus so much with school it was great. I worked in my ECG book and learned about arrhythmias.

Today was nice since we were surprised by friends asking out to lunch since they were in Orlando from GVille to go to Ikea. They were an appreciated distraction from everything going on. We then just walked around the mall together (it was awkward and uncomfortable). It was obvious (at least to me) that we both were frustrated and distracted...we left after we just walked for about 20 minutes. We went back to his place, I napped he watched an old Gator game and then I came back to GVille.

Clearly, because of his Dad's condition I will be down in Orlando whenever possible. I honestly (unfortunately) don't think it will be much longer until Wilson passes away. Since he had plateaued for a while and then went down hill so quickly, from what I've seen, the pace doesn't slow down from here. I've seen it only snowball. I am just hoping that everyone is able to say what needs to be said and are able to get closure before it happens. He has a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so I guess we'll know more then...

Keep all of us in your prayers.


Elle said...

I hope y'all's week gets a little better. I'll be praying for everything.

Becca said...

Oh no! I hope everything gets much better very soon. I will definitely say a prayer!

The Sweet Life said...

Thanks for the comment....I cannot wait for the Ugly Truth Friday night!! Also I am so excited about Time Traveler's Wife!! Have a great day! said...

Wow, this is so sad.

So much suffering.

I know that this takes a toll. I am so sorry to hear this news.

I am praying for these 2 men and all of you who love them and are enduring such a tragic time.

Annie said...

i will be praying and you all are in my thoughts. (sending hugs for you)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am so sorry about his dad. I hope everyone does get their chance to say good bye. My thoughts are with you all

allison said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandpa is in that predicament. Keep praying for strength..

PS---go read my blog. You're a winner!

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