Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Tuesday

I'm bored...I've been bored all day. Mind you, I haven't been bored enough to want to head back to school. I slept super late today and then did nothing, I mean literally I did nothing. Tomorrow I actually have errands to run, I have to swing by school to hand in my financial aid petition--there are a few extra chores, but I'll probably do them on Thursday when I have to head out.

Meghan needs me to stop by and watch the twin girls she babysits for just for a few hours while she goes to a funding meeting for NSA. After I do that I'll probably swing by JoAnns and Home Depot so I can get the supplies need to work on my vanity next week. I have a stupid 1 credit hour class I have to go to from 12-6 on both Saturday and Sunday which means Prince Phillip isn't coming in. :(

I barely get to see him at all over the next few weeks, this weekend he isn't coming in because I'm watching the boys on Friday night and then have that stupid class Saturday and Sunday; then next weekend he is working all day on Saturday, which is great because he'll get overtime pay for the whole day, but that also means we only get to see one another on Sunday; then...the weekend after that which is the last weekend in July he will be up in Tennessee visiting his parents. Oh yeah, so the next real weekend we see each other for an entire weekend in the first weekend in August, which is his mother's 60th bday and we're throwing a surprise 60th bday party for both his mom and his dad (whose bday is in November) and we're also making it a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party...in turn, we wont really get a lot of one on one time together.

I guess since we're basically never seeing each other again (no exaggeration there), I could study...great! Oh here is a good one, I got my schedule for the fall and I have 9 exams and 2 finals, are you freaking kidding me?!?! I guess studying would be a good use of my bored time. :)


Elle said...

girl, let's just switch lives, shall we? I'll read all day for you, no worries :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to have a lazy day today because it sounds like you're about to get REALLY busy!!! We still aren't engaged, but as of now the wedding will prob be 1 yr from Sept because I want an outdoor wedding & it's just too hot here in AR June-Aug to have one and my guests (and the guys in tuxes) to be comfortable. I went to an outdoor wedding a couple of weeks ago & was miserable so that's the plan for now....he still has until Oct 1 to meet his proposal deadline that he set himself! What about you & PP?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

wow! it does sound like it is going to be a bit for you and your man. I hope it gets better after that! i imagine that is super hard.

allison said...

Lazy days are great! I got to have one on Monday!

I hope everything doesn't turn out too hectic. yay for 40th wedding anniversary! how awesome is that!

Annie said...

Sorry you won't be seeing your prince much over the next few weeks :( The big party sounds fun though!
At least you have all of us blogger buddies to keep you company the next few weeks! ;)
-To answer your question from the other day, B and I don't have any wedding plans....at all! I guess you could say we are just enjoying being happily engaged :)

allison said...

Hey, I left an award for you on my page.

Becca said...

Boring days can definitely be some of the greatest days. I am sure here in the near future it sounds as if you are going to be wishing for a boring day! Sorry you won't be able to see your Mr. much, I am sure that is tough on y'all!

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