Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't(s)...

Jenna is sponsoring an I Don't list via Mr. Linky. I rarely participate in these types of things but I think this one will be fun.

Here is my list of I don't(s):

1. I don't memorize well, this definitely makes nursing school tougher for me then for others; however, with that being said, I tend to understand majority of the information better then most. Since I don't memorize well in order for me to be able to do well on exams I have to thoroughly understand the material, I can't just memorize that a stroke is a blood clot or a vessel burst in the brain--I have to understand how clots form, where they come from, reasons the vessel walls weaken, etc. Whatever, I learn the material and do well.

2. I don't watch the news, I get 80% of my news from the Internet and probably 20% from Prince Phillip. He always knows what is going on in the world before I do, maybe it's because I spend more time reading blogs then reading CNN...hmm.

3. I don't trust people who don't like animals or people who animals don't like. I think that animals are able to see in to people souls, not in like a creepy I'm a freak kind of way, but more in a way of animals can sense a good person. Weird, maybe, but hasn't failed me yet--I just wish on more than one occasion that I listened to them rather than myself.

4. I don't drink coffee...I really don't do caffeine. Other nursing students swear by caffeine to get them through school, I guess I just run on a natural high. :)

5. I don't eat meat. No red meat, no chicken, no pork and no fish. I've been a vegetarian for a year and a half and really don't miss meat. I didn't eat much meat growing up so it wasn't like I cut a huge portion of my diet out.

That is about it...head over the Jenna's to play along if you'd like. :)


allison said...

I don't drink coffee either! :)

Anonymous said...

You ARE so FUNNY! I don't swear by caffeine to make it through school awake...I just sware by it because without it = massive headache! And I didn't know you were a vegetarian, or did I? It seems to ring a bell now that you said that, but who knows! And since I don't know how to hit a button when people leave me comments that I want to respond to and it alert you that I answered like maybe email it to's my resonse ha! We have another dog, he's a 7yo mutt, adopted from this organization called Helping Hands for Little Paws. We got him when he was about 6 months old and he already had a name (Toasty-b/c they have to get creative & said he looked like a toasted marshmellow??! Weird. I know!) He's actually my sister's dog, but you know how that goes. I just simply could not commit such a sin as to leave Buffalo Wild Wings off from my favorite restaurant on that survey so we had to work a little magic ha! Also, I really don't see how life goes on outside of the world of Sonic. I mean really, I'd have to save up my money and buy a jet plane to make my daily run(s)...wait I go to Sonic too much and would never be able to save up for a plane! And lastly, Heck yea I celebrated my last 1/2 more way to get extra special treatment hahaha! It gave me a reason to make chocolate cake, go out to eat Mexican food in the middle of the week, & get flowers! Yeah, I'm a genius-I know! And yay for almost being done with school! I just found out today that I have Intro to Research, Older Adult, and Community Health in the Fall; and Leadership & Management and Adult Health in the Spring! Ok novel ended. P.S. I would love to know how you can respond to someone's comments easier than taking up a whole page to have a conversation...perhaps hit a button and email them? I'm dumb-fill me in if you know!)

Becca said...

Wow.. I just learned a lot about yOU!

I cannot go without caffeine because I will get massive headaches. Going without it is one of the most difficult things about pregnancy to me.

I had no idea that you were vegetarian. I've always been kind of interested but I really don't think I would last. I love steak WAY too much!

Elle said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't learn stuff with the snap of a finger! Makes me feel better.

And some nursing students are CRAZY when it comes to their coffee. I mean, I like my coffee, but they take it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

how's that whole vegetarian thing working for you? I've noticed lately that I'm not a big meat person anymore. Not sure why. I've sort of considered going vegetarian. said...

Now, Ive never seen an "I don't" post before. Liked it!

No coffee. Wow!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Love it! I don't watch the news either, and don't eat red meat! I heart caffeine though!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I was reading a comment you left on another blog about Macs...I bought one several months ago and cannot seem to get started on it...I think I am just intimidated by it...and feel bad that it is just sitting in the box....Where do I start? Any tips....

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