Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honest Scrap

Allison oh so kindly gave me this award:

I am supposed to list 7 things about me and then pass it on.

1. I have seven animal, yes you heard right, seven. In order of me getting them Moses (cat), Maximus (cat), Super Sadie (Saint Bernard), Revol (cat), Gibby (cat) and Roman Noodle (chihuahua). I never intended to have this many animals, I consider myself a failed fosterer. Needless to say, I don't foster anymore.

2. My mom is a nurse and I always loved being in the hospital. I went back and forth about becoming a nurse and my mom tried to talk me out of it. Even though, I'm going to be a nurse I am glad my Mom tried to talk me out of it. Nursing is hard, very hard and I think I would have thought of nursing in this nonsensical light if my Mom just acted like my cheerleader.

3. I had given up on finding my Prince when I met Prince Phillip. 6 months before we met I had gotten out of a 5 year relationship and was really just looking for a friend. We spent a good 4 hours on the phone on December 19, I was smitten from there. I went to see the movie The Holiday in Orlando by myself (I was visiting family in town) and then we talked on the phone after the movie for the 4 hours. It was almost like a date. :) Then we met a week later for pancakes at IHOP, that same day, I was supposed to go in to watch the boys and Bill called and randomly gave me the day off. We spent that day together packing up his GVille apartment and I met his parents the first day we went out.

4. Prince Phillip and I basically have our wedding planned. We need to decide on a date, we've danced around with different dates and had agreed on a date in 2010, but with everything going on with Prince Phillip's Dad, Phillip is thinking it might be a bit easier on him emotionally to put it off until 2011. We will be getting married in St. Thomas, V.I. with 20-25 of our closet family and friends.

5. I bought my first house when I was 21 years old. I had always wanted to be a home owner and bought my first house about a year and a half ago. I was so excited to get into this house and make it my own. As excited as I was then, I am 10 times more excited about buying a house with Prince Phillip.

6. As far as nursing goes, I will go into pediatrics as soon as I get out school. The PICU is where I want to work, but my Mom really wants me to go onto a normal floor right out of school. The reason she wants me to work on a normal floor is to get my organizational skills under my belt. The floor I want to work on is pediatrics hematology/oncology probably for a six months to a year before I head to the PICU.

7. My favorite show of all time is ER. I started watching it when I was 7 years old, my parents used to let me stay up late on Thursday nights to watch it. I think I got my initial love for medicine (and Noah Wyle) from the show ER. Some of my other favorite shows are Friends, Sex and the City and Grey's Anatomy.

I am passing this award onto:

1. Elle over at Bubbly Moments.
2. Annie over at Chapters of Our Life.
3. Shanna over at Shanna's Secrets.
4. Becca over at Made with Love.
5. Julie over at


Elle said...

oh goodness. I'm it. You'll have to twist my arm ;)

allison said...

My roomie did Pediatric ICU when she graduated, and she was pretty stressed out with it. You're going to be a great nurse. BTW, I'm impressed that you've already bought a house.

Becca said...

YAY! I love blog awards! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the award! and wow getting married in the virgin islands!

Annie said...

Thanks for the award :)
B and I had originally planned to get married in St. Thomas but now we're thinking my parents backyard...huge change, huh!? ha!
7 pets!! Guess I never realized Mr. Noodle had so mang siblings ;) said...

i've been working and just saw your tag :)

I loved reading about you. I am so happy that you met your own personal price charming.

i though the part about your mom being a nurse was so true. I don't discourage my kids from nursing, but I don't push it either. I would be happy if one of my kids was truly called to be a nurse as nursing has been the calling of my grandmother, an aunt, an uncle, my mom and myself.

Great post!!!

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