Thursday, July 9, 2009

White, waves and spashes of color

So I am bored, when I am bored my mind wanders. I have been planning my will be planned from beginning to end when Prince Phillip and I get engaged. He is totally cool with all this, he even offers in his opinion when asked--he's a trooper.

I have been going back and forth with a wedding coordinator, photographer and florist on the island. I have been stuck on (Shanna check it out if you haven't already putzed on there). I have been combing through all their dresses looking for the perfect beach wedding dress. I want my dress to be dressy enough for it to be easily recognized as a wedding dress but obviously casual enough that I don't look like a cake topper dropped on the beach. As tall as Prince Phillip is (6') and as short as I am (5'3") you would think I'd want to wear heels (which of course I do) I think I am going to pimp it out with a beautiful pair of jeweled sandals. Prince Phillip will most likely wear a pair of linen pants and a white linen shirt with either flip flops or barefoot.

I have found the company I am planning on doing the welcome party with, it is a sailing company called Oh to be Joyful Sailing. We will do a 2+ hour sunset cocktail cruise welcoming the adults invited to the island. The hotel where everyone will be staying Marriott Frenchman's Reef and they offer babysitting which we will have set up for the children. We will have 17 adults including the Prince and I and then there will be 4 children.

Here is a picture where everyone will be staying in St. Thomas:

There ceremony will be on a beach where the wedding coordinator I am using does a lot of weddings, it looks beautiful there. Then we will do our reception at Herve Restaurant neither Phillip or I are big dancers so we've (I've) decided the theme for our reception will be "Eat, drink and be married!" At the ceremony we will have a live musician, I haven't decided whether I want a saxophone player or a steel band--the music is a bit of a big statement since my Dad went to Berklee College of Music for college. I'm sure I'll figure that out.

That's about all I have for wedding fun tonight...we are working on a date. Originally it was going to be next summer, but the Prince thinks it will be too hard for us to get boards, my best friend's wedding (no not Julia Robets), us selling my house, us buying a new house in Orlando, me getting a job in Orlando...etc. He also thinks it will be a bit to raw with everything with his Dad. We've been talking about early 2011, but I also like the date 12-11-10. I'm a number dork. :)

Oh and side note on how fabulous the Prince is. We've been talking about taking a weekend and heading to the beach before I head back at school. When I woke up this morning I text messaged Prince Phillip to ask him if he had put anymore thought into heading to the beach, so he texted me back asking if the 14-16 of August would work, I said it would be great and asked if I should get reservations booked...he text me back saying "already done, did it yesterday." Isn't he the best?!? Amelia Island is our vacation spot of choice, it is where we always go. We always stay at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island, here are a couple of pictures of it, I can't wait!!
Here is a picture from our balcony last time we were there (excuse the quality, I took it with my cell):


Elle said...

good golly girl! you're wedding is SET! and, by the way, sounds absolutely gorgeous. And Prince Phillip's surprise is one that I could definitely handle! that's so sweet of him! gorgeous views!

Elle said...

I mean your. Not you're... it's late.

allison said...

It's so fun to plan weddings!!! I want to plan mine although I don't have a groom to marry. Your day should come soon! I hope you have a lovely trip!!

Anonymous said... do have all kinds of plans made already...I'll hafta check out find myself cruising over to a lot and they also have a magazine! What state is that place ya'll are going to this year in? What a great guy...already made reservations & all! You can just kick back and have no worries!

Anonymous said...

Hey that comment you left me about your 100th post sounds like a plan...P.S. let's rig it where you draw my name! Hahaha said...

how bad is it for me to admit that I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS.

From your wedding plans to your vacation.

I'm drooling...i know odd, but that just looks so luxurious.

I am actually incredibly happy for you!


Becca said...

I was obsessed with when planning my wedding. They actually have a board for pregnancy and babies and I still get on it today! HA! It sounds as if you and Prince Phillip are going to have a gorgeous wedding! Wedding planning is sooo super exciting. You will have to keep us updated throughout your little journey!

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